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Monday, April 20, 2009

Greenwashing? seems like the puritanical, ultra-conservative, corporate-militaristic, hyperbolic Fox News has "gone green."

I would suggest that perhaps a more earnest and productive first step would be to give all of the anti-environmentalist sociopaths over at the Fox News Channel (FNC)—Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly, et al.—the boot. That said, this latest initiative appears to be part of a larger effort already in the works over at News Corp. (parent of Fox Broadcasting Company and, thus, FNC).

Now, I get the sense that the aforementioned FNC ≠ environmentalism thing bespeaks a fundamental conflict of interest between News Corp. and FNC. That said, there are also several questions that come to mind (and in all seriousness, I am really at a loss on this one): What are we to make of the position held by News Corp. considering the conflicting message being esposed by its subsidiaries and/or their employees? Does the social influence of FNC and its contemporaries compete with (or, worse) outweigh News Corp's green initiatives? What would be the most productive way to asses or measure this?

It is perhaps interesting to note the following statement taken directly from News Corp's corporate website:

At News Corporation, we think about the impact we have in the world all the time, from the way our ideas influence and inspire people to the impact we have on our planet and in our communities.

It is my hope that we can discuss this via either the "comments" section or in class next week- although it is not my intention to deprive us of valuable Foucault time!


  • i think they've "gone green" the same way that i've gone blonde . . . i also heard recently that the "green" movement is switching to "blue" in an effort to distance itself form those who have adopted to color to sell.

    By Blogger ejdiamond, at 10:02 AM  

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