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Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Lessig

Please Read These Excerpts from Lessig's Book, Code:

2nd ed. Preface
1st ed. Preface
Code Is Law
What Things Regulate

Now, I'm very much not in the habit of doing this sort of thing, but links I'm used to using to point students to some other content by Lessig have broken and I don't like the remaining alternatives available now (we should really talk about the brittleness of online access to archived materials hyped as eternalized when in fact they are profoundly precarized by digitization), so I'm pointing you to a brief excerpt from something I wrote about the end-to-end principle that is indebted to the discussion by Lessig I was going to point you to instead. That will have to suffice, because I'm tired of looking for a better substitute, and I want to make sure you guys have enough time to read everything for Wednesday. Please don't rib me too much for megalomania in assigning something I wrote myself to students!



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