Artifice and Agency

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Panel One (1:00--2-2:15)

Philip, War House (Ranciere, Benyus), 10-15mins.
Elinor, Everything Chair (Sterling, Holmgren, c2c), 10-15mins.
Nina, TBA (Public Smog; Arendt, Sterling), 15mins.
Jenny, SOMA Condos (Arendt), 15mins.
Discussion 10-15mins

Panel Two (2-2:15--2:50-3)
Alyssa, TBA (Arendt/Foucault), 15mins.
Daniel, Sememes Seities Sememes (Arendt/Foucault), 10mins.
Dori, TBA (Barthes), 10mins.
Discussion 10-15mins.

Panel Three (3-3:50-4)
Adam, "Usefulness of p2p Collaboration in the Production of 'Finished' Work" (Arendt, p2p posse), 15mins.
HyunSun Jung, "Contemporary Instructive Video Art" (Lessig), 10-15mins.
Kara, Opensource in Brazil [?] (Bauwens), 15mins.
Yuen Jung Lee, "Surveillance and Video Art" (Foucault), 10-15mins.
Discussion 10-15mins.

It's going to be intense and we're going to have to keep to a strict schedule to ensure everybody has their moment in the Sun. No official breaks, I'm afraid, and those who have a/v needs should try to set up before their scheduled moment to keep things in motion. I'm going to arrive as close to 12.30 as possible, to give folks set-up time in advance.

I am creating a statement of basic propositions from my own perspective that summarize the themes of the class -- but what I'm excited about for tomorrow is hearing your voices, hearing what you have made of these texts and how you respond to your peers among yourselves. This should be very illuminating and, I'm hoping, quite a bit of fun, too, even if it looks sure to be hectic and intense.

See you all tomorrow!


  • Elinor, you may find Jae Rhim Lee's N=1 interesting... performance art involving her mobile living unit of a urinal, urine processing system, hydroponic napa cabbage garden, seedling growing area, a foam bed in the shape of her body, and a kitchen table to make kimchi to feed visitors. She gave a talk at the Headlands about this which is quite hilarious.

    By Blogger yvonne, at 11:45 AM  

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